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Why Use a Construction Time Lapse Camera?

On Time Lapse is a leading supplier of time-lapse cameras across Australia and prides itself on it’s industry-leading features. Our time lapse systems, available for time lapse hire, are an amazing tool for not only marketing purposes but also project managers, being able to remotely monitor project progress right from your desk or mobile phone.
Time Lapse cameras are ever becoming normal on small to large construction sites for various reasons, here are just a few reasons you should use one on your next project.
  1. Ability to use the captured photos for progress reports to stakeholders
  2. Weather delay claims, our portal weather stamps data on any given day, allowing you to go back to any date and time to see the weather at the location
  3. Remotely monitor the progress of the project without visiting the site, reducing the need for onsite visits
  4. Ability to compare any two images side by side, for example, an image from today against an image from 1 month ago, including weather data
  5. Social media updates, we offer automated artificial intelligence videos, 7, 14 and 30-day update videos that will create stunning mini videos for use on social media or for project updates
  6. Project completion videos, show your project from start to finish in a few minute video. Our team will edit out downtime, colour correct images, add commercial music and logo sting and provide you with a digital download file ready to add to social media or your website. A great way to showcase your skills to potential customers. Ask us for a quote today on video editing

Who we are

On Time Lapse helps you create stunning time lapse video of your project, event, service or just about anything. Using the latest state of the art equipment allows On Time Lapse to install our camera systems just about anywhere in the world and remotely control most features.

Our construction time-lapse camera systems use the latest Telstra 4G LTE data networks to begin uploading the latest image within seconds and gives the client the ability to view that image in their own branded dashboard within seconds. 

Our systems also allow for every image to be transferred to third-party storage solutions like FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and many more giving your team access to high-resolution time-lapse photos seconds after they are taken.

Our live dashboard system allows customers to generate time-lapse videos with just one click and view the latest 150 photos or the last 30 days of progress, whichever they choose. We also provide specialised Sydney Time Lapse Camera Hire services for large-scale metro projects.

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Why On Time Lapse?



Cloud sync


Solar power


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Anytime, Anywhere Commercial Time Lapse Camera Hire

Live Dashboard


View your time lapse at anytime using our live dashboard centre.

Progress Reporter

Get 7,14, 21, 30, 60 and 90 day progress videos in your portal weekly..

Branded Dashboard

Maintain brand consistency with personalised branding


Fast uploading speeds to ensure you see your photos in seconds.

Our Time Lapse system use Nikon Cameras with Sigma lenses to provide breathtaking images all day and night long, while our solar panel allows the unit to be completely self-sufficient with no power required for systems taking photos up to 5-minute increments.

Our Time Lapse use one of the leading security camera systems in the world, accompanied by our expertise in solar and 4G technology to bring your construction site to a well guarded state. With HD and 4K solar powered and 4G security camera systems for hire and rental across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and interstate our units can be shipped in a DIY state within hours. With over 650 Million in construction machinery stolen each year alone, without materials, renting a security camera to help mitigate theft and put potential thief’s to justice, is a very small price to pay. 

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