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Construction Site Security Camera Hire Australia

Keeping your construction site safe from theft and vandals can cost millions of dollars annually. Our all new PTZ construction security site camera system is the ultimate tool for keeping your job site safe after hours, on holidays and weekends. With no complicated wires our solar powered 3G/4G PTZ cameras offer remote control pan and tilt with 18x optical zoom and high quality camera outputs stunning quality with night time mode with infrared up to 80m away allowing you to see more. Our system also includes motion detection, remote alarm and light.

What's included



With 128GB of onboard storage allowing you to quickly and simply rewind time to check any event along with live streaming from the camera to a Android and Apple devices.


Powered by a 40AH Li battery along with 100w solar panel runs your camera 24/7 with no loss of power, the system can also be connected to 240v power supply if required or for indoor application.


Utilising the 4G network gets you real time access with minimal delay to see what's happening on your job site. For the person on the run our system offers a Android and Apple app for quick and easy monitoring of the job site.


18x Optical zoom construction security camera

Control the camera from anywhere with the app including zoom functions, rotating and pan and tilting. The camera features up 18x zoom to zoom up on any object or person for greater detail. Available in HD or SD format.

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