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Time Lapse Camera Installation DIY Option

Installation made easy with the following mounting options, all products can be directly shipped to your job site to make installation easy and fast. With solutions that include folding pole options for easy mounting and adjusting of our time lapse camera systems for your construction site. Made from high quality materials and the leading supplier for the time lapse industry.

Time Lapse Camera Installation

We now offer a full end to end service for hire and installation for your time lapse camera project, utilising a variety of installation methods that are non-intrusive and require no ground penetration. Mounting systems are fully engineered and our professional team of installers can install across the East Coast of Australia, talk to us about outside of this area. 

Install Gallery

Our Time Lapse Camera systems are adaptable to many methods of installation, from hand rails to poles and trailers. Using a clamping system provided with our kits cameras and solar panels can be easily and quickly installed. Our team also offers a fully engineered pole system with weights that has no ground penetrations and can easily be raised and lowered. Available for indoor and outdoor use with solar or 240v power supplies. 

Pole Installation Options

Non intrusive and requiring no ground penetration, our installation options are safe, fast and cost effective. All Ezy Pole systems are fully engineered.
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Pole Modular Block System (MOST POPULAR)

The Pole Modular Block System has been designed with rapid deployment in mind. It can be shipped, delivered and assembled on location without the need for cranes or forklifts.  The Modular Block is ideal for temporary installations such as time-lapse photography or CCTV cameras.

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Light duty pole system

TheLight duty series is a lowerable pole that provides fast and safe installation for light-duty applications for products up to 25kg.

The pole is easily raised by walking it up to vertical position, then securing it to the base plate. No lifting equipment is required and all work is carried out at ground level.

concrete blocks copy

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks offer a sturdy foundation for our poles when a permanent footing is not desirable. These blocks are ideal for temporary installations such as lighting for construction sites and events – and can be relocated at any time.



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Fixed poles

Our fixed poles offer a simple yet cost-effective solution for temporary or permanent installations where a lowerable pole is not be necessary. They are available in light-, medium- and heavy-duty variants and are suitable for a range of applications such as industrial and public access areas. 

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Medium duty pole system

With its unique hinged base plate, this medium duty winch pole provides a risk-free method of raising and lowering the pole by attaching the winch to the base plate and the clipping a shackle to the winch attachment point on the pole.


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