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With On Time Lapse’s Sydney time lapse camera hire services, you can monitor any project remotely. As Australia’s leading provider of time lapse camera services, we have years of experience installing and monitoring projects in locations all across Australia.
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Advanced Features

Solar Powered

Solar Powered Time Lapse Cameras
Our Sydney time lapse systems are completely self-sufficient, meaning they don’t rely on 240v power sources, WiFi, or any other cabled connections. Our time lapse systems are 100% solar powered, giving us the ability to take a photo up to once every 5 minutes without the need for constant power supplies. The industry average for time lapse is one photo every 10 minutes.

Gallery & Storage

Gallery and Storage Time Lapse
Want to show off your time-lapse footage? Now you can thanks to our portal. Whether you’d like to keep your footage private or release it to the public, the choice is yours. Our custom portal offers one-click videos of the last 150 photos taken. These high-resolution images are uploaded directly to Dropbox, making it easier to share high-quality time-lapse footage with staff, or for use on social media.

3G/4G Uploading

3G and 4G Uploading Using Telstra Network
Our Sydney time lapse cameras utilise Telstra 3G/4G network in order to offer fast uploads after the photo is taken.
If the network is unavailable, the system will complete a comprehensive scan of both the SD card and onboard SSD to detect which photos have and haven’t been uploaded to Dropbox or the portal and upload those that haven’t been.

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Robust Housing & Cameras

Construction Time Lapse Australia
Our cutting-edge building time lapse systems are designed to snap photos in any weather. With tough waterproof housings (IP66 rated), complete with sun visors, and the option to use wide-angle lenses for a broader view – we’ve got you covered. We trust Nikon cameras paired with Sigma or Tokina lenses for their unbeatable reliability. Our go-to lens, the Sigma 10-20mm, captures a wide field of view without the usual fish-eye distortion. It’s all about capturing stunning shots effortlessly. Setting up our cameras is a breeze, thanks to the versatile 3-axis universal mount. It offers precise adjustments, whether you need subtle tweaks or big changes. We’re flexible – whether we’re securing our cameras onto roofs, walls, or even attaching them to light poles. For a tailored solution, we’ve teamed up with skilled fabricators across Australia to provide custom-made poles that perfectly suit your location. Ready to capture any project with our top-tier Sydney time lapse camera hire service? Look no further – On Time Lapse has got your back.
Weather Resistant & Dust Proof

Weather Resistant
& Dust Proof

4G Wireless Network

3G /4G Wireless

Solar Powered


Sustainable Solar Charging

Our outdoor building time lapse projects are backed by robust 20-watt solar panels – built tough and perfect for those tricky-to-reach spots. With a heavy-duty galvanised bracket, you can effortlessly mount these panels on small poles, walls, and more. Our building time lapse setups come prepared with not one, but two battery sources. The first is the camera’s built-in battery, ensuring smooth operation. The second is a high-capacity 13600 mAh lithium-ion battery, keeping the system running for up to 3 days without needing a power outlet. For extended projects, we’ve got you covered with an additional option: a hefty external 12v battery, similar to a car battery. This powerhouse can keep your system running for an impressive 3 months on a single charge! Sydney time lapse camera hire just got smarter and greener – all thanks to the sun and On Time Lapse!
Solar Powered Time Lapse
Solar Powered

Solar Powered

Battery Charged

Battery Charged

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Custom 24/7 Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard makes it a breeze for you to create stunning Sydney time-lapse videos with just a single click. Dive into the action by viewing the latest 150 photos or relive the progress of the last 30 days – the choice is yours. Personalisation is key. Our dashboard lets you add your own unique touch. Showcase your logo with a custom banner at the top, set a background image that resonates, and enjoy the perks of a personalised subdomain. Imagine having timelapse.yourdomainname.com.au – a tailor-made portal that’s all about you. Elevate your business with our white-label solution, conveying professionalism every step of the way. Sydney time lapse camera hire has never been this dynamic – join us at On Time Lapse and witness the unfolding stories of our magnificent city!
Construction Time Lapse Live Dashboard

Desktop Monitoring


Tablet Monitoring

Smart Phone

Phone Monitoring

DIY Installation or Installed for You

DIY Installation
Get hands-on with our Sydney time lapse camera kits shipped right to your doorstep in as little as 24 hours. Setting up is a breeze, thanks to our clever clamping system – just three clamps for the camera and two for the solar panel. Our experts will guide you through, ensuring the perfect angle and speedy installation. We’ve got you covered nationwide, even providing concrete blocks and poles if needed.
Installed for You
Leave it all to us! Our skilled team takes care of everything – from poles to blocks, and every essential item. Experience hassle-free setup as we engineer and configure the perfect solution onsite. Quick turnarounds mean you’ll be capturing Sydney’s essence in no time. With On Time Lapse, your Sydney time lapse camera hire experience is tailored to fit your style. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer a pro touch, we’re here to make your vision come alive.
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Secure Clamping

Secure Clamping

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Installation Support

Technical Support

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