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On Time Lapse helps you create stunning time lapse video of your project, event, service or just about anything. Using the latest state of the art equipment allows On Time Lapse to install our camera systems just about anywhere in the world and remotely control most features. See every photo in your dashboard, with easy comparison and weather markers on with every photo for history reference or claiming rain delays on your project. You can also instantly compare any prior photo with another photo to show progress. One click of a button and get the last 150 photos rolled into a video and watch on demand.

What's included


Gallery & Storage

Want to show off your time-lapse footage? Now you can thanks to our portal. Whether you'd like to keep your footage private or release it to the public, the choice is yours. Our custom portal offers one-click videos of the last 150 photos taken. These high-resolution images are uploaded directly to Dropbox, making it easier to share high-quality time-lapse footage with staff, or for use on social media.

Solar Powered

Our time lapse systems are completely self-sufficient, meaning they don't rely on 240v power sources, WiFi, or any other cabled connections. Our time lapse systems are 100% solar powered, giving us the ability to take a photo up to once every 5 minutes without the need for constant power supplies. The industry average for time lapse is one photo every 10 minutes.

4G Uploading

Our time lapse systems utilise Telstra 4G network in order to offer fast uploads after the photo is taken. If the network is unavailable at the time, the system will complete a comprehensive scan of both the SD card and onboard SSD to detect which photos have and haven't been uploaded to Dropbox or the portal and upload those that haven't been.

Meet Our Generation II Construction Time Lapse Cameras

The Gen II Time Lapse cameras are feature reach and include the latest updates to match with our Sony ZV-E10 series cameras to make the perfect pair. The GenII features a SD card less system by using the latest type C connection to save images directly to the onboard solid state drive. Along with a brand new features for video generation and our all new yellow branding, keep an eye out for our GenII units on a construction site near you. Our building time lapse systems use the latest technology to reliably captcha photos in pretty much any conditions. With IP66 waterproof housings complete with sun visors and the ability to fit wide angle lenses inside the housing to captcha more field of view.

We choose Nikon, Canon & Sony cameras along with Sigma or Tokina lenses for reliability and durability, for most projects we fit a Sigma 10-20mm lens giving great field of view without the fish eye effect that many wide angle lenses generally inherant.

Mounting our cameras are generally easy thanks to the 3-axis universal mount that offers small or big adjustment options while giving us the flexibility to dyna-bolt onto roofs, walls or even mount directly to light poles or custom made poles. Our team have partnered with fabricators throughout Australia to offer custom made poles specific to your location.

Off-Grid Power

Solar Charging

Any outdoor building time lapse project will see the use of our 20watt solar panels that are extremely durable and offer piece of mind when installing in those hard to access locations. The solar panels come complete with a heavy duty galvanised bracket to make mounting to small poles, walls and many other surfaces a breeze.

Onboard our building time lapse systems are two battery supplies, one being the inbuilt camera battery and the second being a 13600 mAh lithium-ion battery that allows the system to run up to 3 days without a power source.

We also offer a third battery solution in the way of an external large 12v battery much like a car battery, this will give the system up to 3 months of power supply without charge.

Want to impress your clients?

Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard system allows customers to generate time-lapse videos with just one click and view the latest 150 photos or the last 30 days of progress, whichever they choose.

  • Generate Videos on demand or schedule 7, 14, 21 30, 60 & 90 Day videos (Progress Reporter Plan required)
  • Weather stamped on every photo in the portal
  • Compare any two images side by side or stacked
  • Review any photo by date/time 
  • Download High Resolution 
  • Share images via link 
  • Hidden url for private access or username and password protected dashboard
  • Zoom in on photos  
  • Your company or client logo on dashboard
  • Custom login background photo and branding (Only when using username/password protected dashboard
  • Responsive design, works on Desktop, tablet, mobile and all other devices

Installed By Us or DIY Install

Installed for you – Our team will arrange pole, weights and all the required items and install for you onsite. With fully engineered pole and weight systems, our team can supply, install and configure your camera all for you with quick turn around times, our install locations are Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. All other location enquire about installation. For install photos see our installation page.

DIY Install – Our time lapse camera kits can be shipped directly to you, generally within 24 hours of order. Our kits can be installed in a matter of minutes as they are designed with a simple clamping system, 3 clamps on the camera and two on the solar panel. During installation our team will work with you to lower photo intervals to ensure the perfect angle and minimise install time. We also offer installation Australia wide including the supply and installation of concrete blocks and poles. 


time lapse camera installed to hand rail mount
Remote Maintenance

Aussie Support 24/7

Our team will monitor your time-lapse camera remotely for any alerts and take action. Our time-lapse camera systems are super smart and in many cases self-fix issues, but should there be any issues we will work with the system engineers to fix the problem remotely. Depending on the location of the time-lapse camera, they are generally maintenance-free, but for example, time-lapse cameras on a remote dusty site may need the housing glass cleaned with a simple microfibre cloth on occasion. All our time-lapse cameras are cleaned and the glass polished with Rainx prior to dispatch and in most cases, dust on the glass will be focused through by the lens and rarely show up.

Construction Time Lapse Camera installed in Sydney New South Wales

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    On Time Lapse FAQ's

    Construction time lapse cameras typically on average take a photo every 10 minutes as an industry average. 10 minutes is a great interval as in many projects or construction projects there is often a lot of downtime or gaps between works, this makes for a better quality video at the end of the project with less costly editing time for someone to edit out all the quiet times. Our generation 2 units also allow our customers to increase the photo intervals for special parts of the project, for example a concrete pour can be scheduled ahead of time with say 2 minute photo increments to capture more of the busy times. Generation 1 units can manually adjust the schedule prior to the event. 


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