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Construction Time Lapse Videos Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Construction Time Lapse Australia
Construction Time Lapse Australia

The average attention span of consumers is about eight seconds when watching a video. In fact, our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. If you know your construction company provides stellar construction that’s functional and made to the client’s specifications, you need a way to show that work within a person’s attention span range. 

To help address consumers’ ever-shortening attention span, construction companies are now embracing a marketing technique that offers them time-lapse construction videos. You’ll be amazed at how creating time-lapse construction videos benefits your company’s bottom line. Time-lapse video construction experts will tell the story of how and when your construction site-building was constructed in a time-efficient and smooth manner. 

That’s because project managers can remote in and view the construction’s progress from beginning to end. Construction time-lapse videos also provide you with a marketing technique that is pro-active and effective. Read on and discover how to utilize time-lapse videos in your construction business that smart and efficient marketing. 

Construction Time Lapse

There are many reasons why you need to be using time-lapse cameras to market your construction business effectively, but there is one major reason that leaves the other ones in the dust. Construction time-lapse videos allow construction companies to show their construction site progress for a designated period of time. This progress is shown through a short video the construction company has put together at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc.

Construction time-lapse videos apply to commercial or residential buildings, and the short videos serve as marvelous marketing tools you can use across social media platforms. If you’re a construction company that wants to boost your ranking on Google or use technical tools to advance the marketing of your company, then time-lapse videos provide you with a variety of benefits. Every milestone your construction project reaches can be brought to life for the customer to view in the form of a short video.

Plus, every stakeholder of the project you represent sees the value the short video gives the company in reflecting a job being done well. Time-lapse videos remain one of the most effective marketing tools across all industries, but they are among those least known about or used. There has been an increase in various industries finding out about its value and what it brings to them. 

Construction Time Lapse Camera

There are six main benefits a construction company gains by using a time-lapse camera for short video production at building sites. There are also features you want to make sure your time-lapse construction camera gives you when filming. These features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • 3G/4G Data that can be uploaded via a Telstra mobile network
  • Solar power is preferred
  • Onboard with a three-day backup battery system
  • Images need to be stored on an SD card that backs up in seconds with an automatic onboard solid-state drive
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • A live dashboard portal that’s web-based and has the ability to do before and after images
  • Dashboard with live weather at the cameras locations
  • High-resolution 24mp Nikon Cameras
  • Sigma Lenses of high-quality

If possible, waterproof housing and a company with flexible monthly payments is also a premium benefit when using the marketing beneficial time-lapse cameras.

Time-Lapse Benefits and Ideas

No matter what platform your construction business is on or what important content you want to capture, time-lapse benefits contribute to marketing, security, outreach, and social presence. There are six main benefits that time-lapse cameras and videos give you.

#1 Marketing and Public Relations

Your construction company can use your companies construction video to share or market your completed and successful projects and buildings. A time-lapse construction video gives others a very unique view of your company while sharing how your company successfully implements the stages of any short or extended project. 

#2 Community Outreach 

Every project or construction site your company works has a demonstrated value. That value impacts the regeneration of new work, expansion, and development. No company, no matter how skilled, can succeed without some form of community outreach that lets others know their value.

That means not only their value to the surrounding area but also the precise and targeted abilities you can provide them.

#3 Stakeholder Funding Development

If you can’t engage stakeholders, then your company won’t have an influx of projects or investments when you need them to move forward. Every construction project you have you want to share with stakeholders as they hold the key to a stakeholder’s future investment interest and funding in your company. They are also the ones you want to show project development from the beginning, middle, and successful completion through your videos.

Construction time-lapse cameras help you share your story in a short video that uses premium impact marketing tools. It doesn’t matter if your construction project is in building houses, commercial buildings, or events so you can show progress to anyone seeking it. The brilliance of marketing transparency is that it gives you a social media presence that cannot be altered or embellished.

#4 Website Promotion and Ranking

Most construction companies know that part of their success resides in their presence on the internet. That means your construction company needs to have a strategy and process in place that helps drive traffic to your website. Construction companies also need the latest and most excellent digital platforms that can deliver high-value video content to impact their Google ranking and website promotion.

The main focus and aim of any beneficial time-lapse video are to spark the viewer’s interest. You want them to provide them with well-documented and successful marketing tools. Time-lapse video works so well because it’s personable, intriguing, engaging, and shows substantial growth and development of a successful project.

#5 Internal Engagement and Outreach

When you have team members, employees, contractors, or partners all working towards the same goal or objective, it’s essential to keep them immersed in the development process of your company projects. You gain much and lose nothing by keeping internal engagement and outreach transparent. This allows everyone internally connected to your ongoing project to feel they are a part of the process, and you value their hard work.

Your company’s internal outreach includes team members who can view the live time-lapse video for the duration of the construction project. 

#6 Growth and Development of Your Business

At the end of the day, every project contributes to your business development and growth. Without a way to document the proven strategies that worked or improve the ones that didn’t help, you’re left unsure of which way to proceed. It’s the time-lapse video that helps you overcome this hurdle. 

That’s because your time-lapse videos are documenting the capabilities and efficiencies of your team members. There’s a visual summary that comes with every video that gives others conclusive information on how unique your company is. It documents the day-to-day operations for any customer, investor, stakeholder, or community member.

How To Do a Time-Lapse Video

When you’re ready to do a time-lapse video, no matter what industry you’re in, some companies provide this underutilized but very beneficial marketing tool. You want to make sure you have a company that’s using the right type of camera for the specifics you want in your time-lapse video. You also want the equipment to provide high resolution and can be deployed readily and easily. 

Many time-lapse video setups are wireless and finding a company that can give you the quality battery pack is also of prime importance. Determine how much storage you’ll need and make sure the storage data card fulfills that need. Finally, you want to make sure you use a company that has dedicated equipment that meets your budget needs.

There’s a reason that time-lapse videos are seeing an upsurge in use, and that’s because they offer you marketing, promotion, community engagement. 

Your Next Step 

When you’re ready to try a time-lapse video for your construction company reach out to On-Time Lapse. On-Time Lapse offers you a perfect marketing tool integrated with a full turn-key service. On-Time Lapse also provides you with a professional staff dedicated to creating and editing your monthly project videos. 

On-Time Lapse offers drone flyovers each month with their time-lapse video packages as well as video content you can use all within neat packages you can afford. On-Time Lapse is part of Pro Flight aerial photography and video. Previous national and international brand customers include but aren’t limited to Village Road Show Theme Parks, National Geographic, City of Gold Coast, Eximm, and more.

The end of every project brings you a marketing package that contains every image captured and the time-lapse video you purchased. On-Time Lapse works with Media Booth Australia, a digital marketing agency that can assist with the video producing, advertising, editing, branding, and web media platforms you need. There’s nothing more important than how others see your construction company, so why not give them a short video that shows your strengths and abilities in all your construction projects?

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