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Construction Security Camera Hire

Need to protect your construction site from theft and damage? Protect it with the latest Security Cameras powered by Solar and Telstra 4G connectivity for reliable high quality footage. 

Our Security cameras offer Full HD or 4K options with live view and remote playback. 

What's included

Features of our Construction Security Camera Hire

Gallery & Storage

Via the Android, IOS and Desktop app you can manage your site, view the live view, playback any smart events, motion detection all from the one app. With up to 30 days* storage and line crossing detection to control false positives, our systems are extremely reliable and offer world class technology.

Solar Powered + Battery

With an onboard 20 Ah lithium battery allowing for up to 7 days with no charge, plus a 40w solar panel to keep the battery charged, needing just 1.77 hours of daily effective sunlight the camera will always be online.

Job Site Monitoring

Monitor your construction site with ease, with the Android, IOS and desktop app, stream live vision of your construction site or review the latest notifications via our smart events section. Offering a screen shot of the triggered event and quick tap to view playback.

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Custom Live Dashboard

IOS & Android App

Keep track of your construction site in stunning HD and help stop theft, all while the camera equipment can be managed by our internal team for updating to the latest software and all maintenance can be conducted remotely. With up to 16 cameras configurable on one screen and each of your job sites organised easily into groups for multisite management. 

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Construction Security Camera Hire & Rental Facts

About Our systems

Each year over 650 million dollars in equipment alone is stolen from construction sites across Australia. 

About our data and power systems

As we all know construction sites can have very limited resources in respect to power and internet, both our security and time lapse systems operate 100% independently off grid. We choose Telstra as our data partner for its superior network coverage and minimal outages. Our systems use amazing technologies in respect to image and video compression to lower data transmission rates of high quality content.  

Accessing events from the camera

Our security camera systems run in a range of ways, most commonly using a technique called smart events, where the cameras image has a virtual line drawn on the screen, this can be a driveway, entry point, gate or anything similar. If any movement is detected over that line and within the alert area set, the camera will not only record that detection, it will send an alert to the IOS or Android app and store that footage clearly labelled for immediate action or to review later on. 

When do our security cameras record

In most cases we suggest recording 24/7, but due to limits in onboard storage this will limit the amount of time you can look back at an event. So the option is entirely up to the customer, choosing between 24/7, only motion detection or only after hours. 

Onboard Battery, Solar and Storage

Our construction security camera systems carry enough power to last for up to 7 days without charge, they also have a safety reserve and below a certain percentage battery level will automatically enter a low power state and default to motion only recording, all while alerting our team to a possible issue for investigation. Recording 24/7 the camera system will only require approx. 1.7 hours of solar to charge to 100%. Onboard storage is handled by two seperate devices, firt is a built in 25gb internal storage unit for allowing for updates and technical files, the second being either 128gb or 256gb micro sd card, the system auto overwrites oldest footage to ensure around the clock capture should the mode be setup. 


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