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Why You Should Use Time Lapse On Your Construction Project​

Construction Time Lapse

Use of Time Lapse On Your Construction Project

As time-lapse experts with over a decade of experience, we see the benefits of construction time-lapse daily, from project managers being able to remotely log in and see the progress all the way through to project reporting made more effective than ever before. 

These days content is in more demand than ever before and with our optional automated video generator, it will make you videos every 7, 30 and 90 days that can instantly be downloaded and shared across social media, websites and more. This has proven to be a big advantage for large construction and commercial customers wanting time lapse. 


Our equipment exceeds any tender specification we have ever received, with full-size DSLR cameras inside, our choice is Nikon for their reliability and customer backing should we ever have a camera failure (never had a camera fail with over 1.2million photos taken at the time of writing this). On top of the DSLR time-lapse camera, we run the stunning Sigma 10mm-20mm lens that offers approx 170degree field of view at 10mm and is generally more than wide enough for any project and doesn’t have the fisheye effect. The images produced are 6000px x 4000px allowing us to create videos that are higher than 4k resolution. 


On top of the camera and lens is a state of the art brain that controls the behaviour of the time-lapse setup, allowing us to set time intervals like 10 minutes the construction average. The brain triggers the camera to take the photo then hands off the image to an onboard solid-state drive for backup and processing, the images is then transmitted by 3G/4G to the portal where you will see the images within a matter of seconds of the camera taking the image and then finally the images is synced over to our master Dropbox Business Grade Storage. Our time-lapse cameras also running fully of a 20w solar panel that produces enough power daily to handle all the tasks of the time-lapse camera system. This makes the camera completely self-sufficient, a 240v option is also available for indoor projects.


All this sounds quite complicated but is very reliable and has several redundancies, alerts and safeguards to ensure the images are always safe and never lost. The days of storing the images taken on an external hard drive and someone manually retrieving that hard drive to download the images are well gone! if you’re offered this type of system you should look at the risks involved, i.e. hard drive failure, the hard drive being lost or damaged etc. With our system, the image is processed and uploaded asap to ensure its safety. Our system even does a nightly sweep or the onboard SD card and solid-state drive and checks against dropbox to ensure no images are missing!


So when it comes to picking a time-lapse camera for construction or commercial use, you must take a look at our system, we will happily provide you with a link to a live dashboard where you can see a real time-lapse camera in action, no fancy demos or hidden agenda just the real thing! 

Some of the benefits of using our construction time-lapse cameras

  • Live project update ability
  • Project reporting
  • Content for websites, social media and advertising
  • Live weather at the project location
  • 3G/4G uploading and fully automated
  • Solar-powered when used outdoors
  • High quality Nikon 24 megapixel DSLR cameras 
  • High Quality Sigma lenses 
  • Waterproof housing 
  • Easy clamping system for attaching to poles or Dyna bolting to concrete roofs etc
  • Unlimited storage of images on our system (Business Grade Storage)
  • Backed by an Australian support team
  • Local business 
  • Auto ISO and Exposure settings for the perfect image no matter the conditions

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